This experience gives you all the feelings and emotions of Sunset Dinner experience and also the possibility to spend a single night on board.

Sleeping lulled by the gentle current of the river, waking up and contemplate the sunrise, are unforgettable sensations. To finish you can enjoy a comforting breakfast on board and thus be prepared to face the day with a great humor.

Our sailboat offers you all the amenities needed for a different and memorable evening.
- Sunset Dinner & Overnight Stay consists of a sailboat tour at the end of the day, with dinner and an overnight stay on board.

- The sailing takes place in the Douro River, between the mouth and the Ribeira

- The cruise starts at the Douro Marina in Vila Nova de Gaia and ends with the return to the same place.

- Dinner will take place with the yacht anchored next to the Douro estuary.

- The night is spent on the yacht moored in the Douro Marina.

This experience is declined in 2 options, concerning the meal:

- Option "Sunset" - includes 10 pieces of sushi or tapas per person 1 glass of sparkling wine per person + Breakfast

- Option "Sunset Dinner" - includes: Dinner (Main Course + dessert + wine / water) + Breakfast

- Minimum number of participants: 2

- Maximum number of participants: 6

- Dates: every day of the week, upon availability.

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Douro Sailing is not just another nautical tourism brand, not just another boat rental company, is a lifestyle dedicated to enhance your wellbeing through a unique experience, affordable and environmentally friendly, that combines sea and river.

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